3M Clarity Aligners – Greenville, TX

Seamless & Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

Dental misalignment can negatively affect your smile’s appearance and your oral health. If you are dealing with crooked teeth, the team at Stone Street Dental in Greenville would love to help. We are proud to offer 3M Clarity Aligners, a seamless and discreet orthodontic treatment that uses custom aligner trays to gradually shift the teeth over time. They are a great alternative to traditional braces and other types of clear aligners! Get in touch with us when you are ready to request a consultation.

Why Choose Stone Street Dental for 3M Clarity Aligners?

  • Fully Customized for Each Patient
  • Predictable Tooth Movements
  • Discreet & Effective Treatment

How 3M Clarity Aligners Work

Smiling woman holding clear aligner near her mouth

After we verify that you are a candidate for 3M Clarity Aligners, we will send impressions of your teeth to the lab that will fabricate your custom series of aligner trays. 3M uses two different types of plastic (one that is softer and more flexible, and one that is harder) when manufacturing their aligners in order to ensure that tooth movements are as efficient and predictable as possible.

You’ll wear each aligner for 20 – 22 hours each day for one or two weeks before you move onto the next aligner in your series. You will also see us for periodic checkups throughout your treatment. Once you work your way through all of your aligners, you can expect to be the owner of a straighter, healthier smile!

Indications for 3M Clarity Aligners

Illustration of crooked teeth viewed from above

3M Clarity Aligners can correct a range of dental misalignment issues. Here are some specific examples of problems that they are commonly used to address:

Crowded Teeth

Close-up of person’s crowded, overlapping teeth

Crowded, overlapping teeth can trap food between them and interfere with your bite. Clear aligners can help to shift the teeth so each one is able to function optimally.

Gaps Between Teeth

Smiling woman with gap between her front teeth

Large gaps between the teeth can leave your gums vulnerable to harm. 3M Aligners may be able to move your teeth so they are closer together.

Bite Alignment

Side-view illustration of significant overbite

With the help of specialized accessories, 3M Clarity Aligners are often able to address issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite.

The Benefits of 3M Clarity Aligners

Happy young woman holding clear aligner

Some top benefits of 3M Clarity Aligners include:

  • The average treatment time is shorter than what is normal with traditional braces.
  • Because the aligners are removable, you will not have to worry about dietary restrictions.
  • The removability of the aligners facilitates easy oral hygiene.
  • Checkup appointments usually last just a few minutes.
  • The aligners are metal-free and are designed to rest as comfortably as possible against the soft tissues in your mouth.

How Much Do 3M Clarity Aligners Cost?

Close-up of woman’s mouth as she is placing clear aligner on teeth

The cost of 3M Clarity Aligners varies from patient to patient. The biggest determining factor is the extent of your dental misalignment. Logically, more complex and severe cases tend to incur greater fees. During your consultation, we can discuss specific numbers with you. We can also help you understand your payment options, such as insurance, low-interest financing, and our in-house membership plan.

Clear aligner treatment can cost a few thousand dollars. While that might seem expensive, it is an excellent investment that can reward you with increased confidence and improved oral health!

3M Clarity Aligners FAQs

Illustration of clear aligner being placed on teeth

If you are eager to get started on your teeth-straightening journey, our Greenville team would love to help you via 3M Clarity Aligners. However, we understand if you want to gather more information before you commit to a consultation. Below, you will find answers to some FAQs about this advanced treatment. If your specific points of interest are not included here, give us a call — we will be delighted to speak with you!

How Are 3M Clarity Aligners Different from Invisalign?

Invisalign and 3M Clarity Aligners are similar in many ways. They can both provide efficient, comfortable orthodontic treatment via the use of custom-made clear aligner trays. However, 3M Aligners offer a few distinct advantages. For example, 3M accessories tend to have a lower profile than those that come with Invisalign aligners. Plus, 3M uses two different types of plastic when manufacturing its aligners, which can aid in patient comfort and desirable tooth movements.

What Do 3M Clarity Aligners Look Like?

3M Clarity Aligners are not totally invisible when placed on the teeth, but they do have a discreet appearance. They are unlikely to be the first thing that other people notice about your smile! As long as you take good care of them, they should maintain their beauty for as long as you are wearing them.

If your treatment requires additional accessories, they may not be clear. However, they should still not greatly interfere with your appearance.

How Long Do 3M Clarity Aligners Take?

The total treatment timeline varies from case to case. During your consultation, we may be able to give you a rough estimate of how long you will need to wear your aligners. Some patients take less than one year to complete treatment, whereas others need substantially more time. The biggest factor that influences your treatment timeline will be the extent of your dental misalignment.

Can You Eat with 3M Clarity Aligners?

One of the most attractive things about 3M Clarity Aligners is that they do not come with any dietary restrictions. Simply remove them at mealtimes, eat whatever you want, rinse your aligners, clean your teeth, and place your aligners back in your mouth.

Please note that you should not eat any food while wearing your aligners. Chewing with them could damage them. Additionally, drinking anything other than plain water while your aligners are in your mouth could cause them to become stained or lead to other problems. For example, sugary beverages might sneak into your aligners and damage your teeth.