Advanced Dental Technology – Greenville, TX

Comfortable, Thorough Dentistry

We want all of our patients to have excellent experiences at our dental office, which is why we’ve outfitted it with some advanced dental technology in Greenville, like intraoral cameras and our cone beam CT scanner. These help us spot small signs of oral health problems so we can treat them before they can wreak havoc on your smile. They also allow us to thoroughly plan your treatments for optimal results.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist using intraoral camera to capture photos of a patients mouth

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld device that we can maneuver around your mouth to see nooks and crannies that would otherwise be difficult to examine. The small camera on the end of it allows us to capture still images and video footage that we can display on a chairside monitor as well, providing an excellent educational aid to better explain the problems at-hand and how we recommend treating them.

CT Cone Beam Scanner

Patient receiving 3 D C T cone beam scan

Cone beam CT scanners have the ability to craft a 3D, panoramic blueprint of the mouth to allow Dr. Garrad to better plan treatments and diagnose oral problems. The image itself only takes about 30 seconds to create. All you’ll need to do is rest your chin on a prop, and the scanner will circle your face to view its entire structure. Once complete, Dr. Garrad will be able to view the location of your facial nerves and sinuses, the jawbone, dentition, and the roots of the teeth.